The Labour Party is a century old political organisation, born out of the trade union movement and built on equality, social justice and compassion. We are a movement of over half a million members working to elect a Government that puts those shared values into action.

 Investment in our NHS

We will rebuild our NHS, reversing Tory austerity and bringing down hospital and GP waiting times so everyone gets the care they deserve.

 Building a greener future

We will unleash a Green Industrial Revolution to protect our planet and create the green jobs of the future.

 Fair funding for our schools

We will invest in our children’s education and end inequalities in funding which see our children receive less than others.

 More police on our streets

We will reverse Tory cuts to the police and invest in the officers we need to keep us safe.

 Ending the housing crisis

We will build the council homes people need and tackle rogue landlords to bring an end to the housing crisis.

Support Blyth Valley Labour Party

We rely on contributions from ordinary members to help us with our work in Blyth Valley. By donating you will help us fund campaigning activities, inform residents of local issues and reach more people on social media.